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Roberto Diego - 1994

Roberto Diego - 1994


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                                                                                         THE SEA

Roberto Diego - Korea 1967
Roberto Diego - 1967

The sea

rushes through me,

leaves me trembling.

I lie

on the white beach

and I'm singing.

The sun is behind me.

It is night time.

The sky

is undressing

as the stars shine.

Your touch

makes the night go.

You control me.

Your love

fuels my bare soul

with its beauty.

Your feet

move the white sand.

You are coming.

The sea disappears now.

We are swimming.

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Did Thoreau Have His Own Quiet Desperation?

Roberto Diego - 1974

Roberto Diego - 1974

It has been years since that day when my elementary school teacher announced one of the most important events of the semester: our introduction to the writing of Henry David Thoreau.  I remember her romantic rhapsodizing about the beauties of nature and  the man who brought such insight and wisdom to man’s enjoyment of it.  To my teacher, Thoreau was an individualist who challenged all conventions and dared to live a life alone, unfettered by the demands of society.

Yes, it has been years.  I reopened Thoreau’s WALDEN a few days ago, and discovered an almost startling fact: I disagree. 

It is easy for a mind unaccustomed to rational evaluation to disregard everything important to life, and to run toward the security of that vague concept known as nature.  What Thoreau has done in WALDEN is give the drop out of society a prestige and a sanction.  By dropping out today, a young man can say, “Thoreau is my example.”  Dropping out, he might think, takes courage and independence.  (Click to continue)

 Celebrate Freedom: Order Berlin Wall Pieces from the Communist Era
What Have You Done In This Beautiful World to be Crying of No One to Love?
London Rose - Picture taken by Roberto Diego 1990
"Why No One to Love?" (1862)
by Stephen Collins Foster, 1826-1864
No one to love in this beautiful world,
Full of warm hearts and bright beaming eyes?
Where is the lone heart that nothing can find
That is lovely beneath the blue skies;
  No one to love!
  No one to love!
  Why one to love?
What have you done in this beautiful world,
That you're sighing of no one to love?
Dark is the soul that has nothing to dwell on!
How sad must its brightest hours prove!
Lonely the dull brooding spirit must be
That has no one to cherish and love.
  No one to love!
  No one to love!
  Why one to love?
What have you done in this beautiful world,
That you're sighing of no one to love?
Many a fair one that dwells on the earth
Who would greet you with kind words of cheer,
Many who gladly would join in your pleasures
Or share in your grief with a tear.
  No one to love!
  No one to love!
  Why one to love?
Where have you roamed in this beautiful world,
That you're sighing of no one to love?

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©2004 Roberto Diego. All Rights Reserved